A blog post about leverage and OpenAI (written in collaboration with OpenAI)

In the last few hours, I have gained a newfound appreciation for the possibilities of OpenAI. Anyone can access the OpenAI API by signing up. I started playing around with it, and in the first hour had created an outline for a course on web3, written a poem about an autistic woman and an ADHD […]

Notion 🗒️ + Readwise Integration 📚 = 💓

Notion and Readwise now have a native integration in beta and so far it has been a game-changer for Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) nerds. In this post, I explore how I have implemented it (pretty much all the credit to August Bradley though!) and what it has meant to me.

Pomodoros: those cute lil’ tomato symbols

“One Pomodoro of 25 minutes”, I think to myself, “all I need to do is sit down and press various buttons on a keyboard for that length of time. It matters not if the content that comes out is of extremely questionable quality and of zero value to humanity. In fact, the post will almost […]