Hi, I’m Sharna, a Learning Designer (and former Digital Producer/Project Manager/Video Editor) who is passionate about creating engaging and emotive digital experiences. Experiences that inspire others to learn, create, engage and ultimately supports them in their goals.

♥ x 5 is my portfolio and where I share my thoughts on diverse topics such as game design, learning design, productivity, creativity and technology.

It is also where I document my ongoing quest to learn game development and ultimately make my own games (plus other little creative experiments). 

♥ x 5 is named after the number of lives that are often assigned in classic video games

(5 lives, get it?)

From the time I was first exposed back in the late ’80s to the amazingness that was the Commodore 64, Visual Basic programming, the Logo turtle and Microsoft Paint I decided that creating things with computers was the coolest thing ever.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Media (Multimedia) & Law and a Master of Digital Media I worked as a Video Producer and Editor before moving into producing digital and interactive experiences within the advertising industry.

More recently, I have moved into developing interactive online learning experiences and content within the world of online education. 

What ties all these pursuits together is a love of playing with technology, experiential design and the possibilities of creating impactful experiences through these mediums.

yeah, what a cool owl!