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My 2032: Future of work

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A recent survey of global employment trends shows the most in-demand soft skill has become ’AI Symbiosis’ – the ability for humans to effectively collaborate with AI in order to leverage their output.
It is shown that employees with these skills are up to 5x more effective than those without these skills (and this is exponentially increasing year on year).
Employees with well-developed AI symbiosis are effectively able to become the ‘CEO’ of their own work, leveraging an army of AI and automation to do their bidding, while focusing on only the most strategic and high-value work.

A blog post about leverage and OpenAI (written in collaboration with OpenAI)

In the last few hours, I have gained a newfound appreciation for the possibilities of OpenAI. Anyone can access the OpenAI API by signing up. I started playing around with it, and in the first hour had created an outline for a course on web3, written a poem about an autistic woman and an ADHD […]

Notion 🗒️ + Readwise Integration 📚 = 💓

Notion and Readwise now have a native integration in beta and so far it has been a game-changer for Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) nerds. In this post, I explore how I have implemented it (pretty much all the credit to August Bradley though!) and what it has meant to me.

Pomodoros: those cute lil’ tomato symbols

“One Pomodoro of 25 minutes”, I think to myself, “all I need to do is sit down and press various buttons on a keyboard for that length of time. It matters not if the content that comes out is of extremely questionable quality and of zero value to humanity. In fact, the post will almost […]

I leveled up in Superbetter by petting an unkempt neighborhood cat

I’m probably the biggest nerd in the world for productivity and lifestyle apps. I enjoy trying out as many as I can in the futile search for the one that will finally make my life perfect and optimised and give me ultimately .. total transcendence :o. They always bring with them the alluring promise of […]

Fish Rabbit Race

I just finished the first assignment for MIT’s Introduction to Game Design course on edX and it was quite eye-opening and a lot of fun. The assignment involved creating a quick and dirty paper prototype with a simple mechanic. The idea was just to create something and not worry about fine-tuning and balancing it too […]

When Robots get Jealous

We may ‘love’ our electronic toys and gadgets but could they ever truly love us back? Could they form pure bonds of affection or fly into a blind rage at the site of their owner’s latest smartphone? Hooman Samani, an artificial intelligence researcher at the Social Robotics Lab at the National University of Singapore, is […]

Awake/Asleep Concept Trailer

Awake/Asleep is an innovative multiplatform puzzle adventure game about a mysterious recurring dream, a broken childhood puzzle and one girl’s journey across the Awake and Asleep worlds to find the missing piece.

Maybe people play WOW because of this

Reading Jesse Schell’s book The Art of Game Design, I was struck at his explanation of what motivates people to play games, and particularly why games that involve social communities (like MMOs) have such popularity and staying power. I think most people have come across Maslow’s hierarchy of needs at one point or another. In […]

Flow & so many smashed controllers

Smashed Controller

I have been thinking lately about the concept of ‘flow’ as it applies to life and games. We have all had the feeling of getting lost in an activity and losing track of time. As a video editor, I am all too aware of benefits of flow – getting in the ‘zone’ make the work […]