#Careerhack is a series of e-learning modules focused around getting students job-ready and build important ‘soft-skills’ such as time management and teamwork.
I was solely responsible for writing and designing a module centred around productivity. As part of this module, I created an animation in Vyond, recorded and post-produced an audio meditation and designed several graphics.

The Power of Productivity #Careerhack module aims to arm students with the practical tools, hacks and tips for managing their priorities so that what really matters to them continues to inform how they actually live their day-to-day life.

The full #Careerhack module called ‘The Power of Productivity’ can be viewed below:



I created several media assets as part of this project. This includes the ‘Eat that Frog!’ animation created in Vyond.


The ‘How to Focus’ infographic was also created in order to summarise concepts taught in the module.


I created the below ‘mind-clearing’ audio track by recording my voice and mixing it with stock music.


..as well as this downloadable poster intended for students to print out and keep in a visible spot in their working space.