The Visitor

Miss Tandy was the owner of the second most luxurious car hotel in the world. She would take much pride in her work and ensure she catered to all the esoteric needs of her clientele. This is until one stormy night when a mysterious stranger arrives at her door..

The Story

Miss Tandy was the proud owner of the second most luxurious cat hotel in the world. She operated this hotel out of a grand old mansion on the hill, which doubled as her home.

She catered to all the esoteric needs of her clientele

She would take much pride in her work and ensure she catered to all the esoteric needs of her clientele. She considered this her life calling: feline pampering spas, freshly caught salmon and canopy beds as fluffy as clouds. It was too bad about the pesky owners and their desire to collect their precious cats at the conclusion of their holidays.

Over the years Miss Tandy had perfected various methods and techniques for managing these pesky disruptions. The result was twenty-five delightful permanent additions to the hotel – to which she gave special status. Ten years ago she had acquired her personal favourite – a fluffy white creature named Max who would sit on her lap near the fireplace each night while she read her detective novels. Max’s previous owner had been a 91-year-old lady, a pensioner. No, no, no the lady would not have been able to give Max what he deserved at all.

Feline pampering spas

One stormy night Miss Tandy was sitting in her chair reading with Max leisurely stretched out on her lap as usual. The others would wake, purr and stretch grandly in their canopy beds before proceeding to fall asleep again. Miss Tandy was coming to an extremely tantalising point her in novel when she heard a loud knock on the door. “A visitor”, thought Miss Tandy, “how strange indeed”. There was another, more impatient knock on the door proceeded by a loud clap of thunder. Irritated, Miss Tandy put on her nightgown and made her way to the door. Behind her, she could hear the cats begin to mew softly in chorus.

The mysterious visitor

The door creaked open and Miss Tandy could barely make out a strange creature wearing a long dark raincoat. Miss Tandy was on the verge of telling the stranger just what she thought of his untimely intrusion, but something in his commanding presence stopped her.

“I’m glad I managed to find this place in this horrendous weather”, said the mysterious figure. “I’m sorry I’m a bit late you see, I got a bit lost on the dark, rainy roads. I hope taking care of my babies for the extra time was not too much of a bother for you”. Miss Tandy stood frozen unable to take her eyes of the stranger. The landscape shook with the sound of thunder.

Another bolt of lightning and the figure’s face was briefly illuminated. For a split second Miss Tandy could make out something…that looked like whiskers….. fur……and…..those familiar EYES.

Miss Tandy fell to the ground.

With the door remaining wide open – one-by-one each of the twenty-five cats followed..

the stranger..

into the darkness.

The twenty-five cats followed the stranger into the darkness


The Visitor is a short 9-minute film shot on HDV.

Thematically the film is about appearances vs. reality, the nature of good and evil, loneliness and companionship, guilt and the human conscience and “karma”. It is also about the mystery of “The Visitor” which can be interpreted by the audience in many different ways.